The Family Story of 

Leslie W. Reddell & Dorothy Mae James

by Dan Reddell

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Leslie & Dorothy Reddell, 1985, 50th wedding anniversary

The collective family memories related to me by my parents, Leslie and Dorothy Reddell (James), are the basis of this collection of family stories and photos, but I am slowly adding stories of other branches of the family as they come in.

Visit the Civil War page. It took the lives of three fathers who fought for the losing side. This helps explain why many of their descendants migrated out of the deep south and across the west from farm to farm, state to state or territory, until reaching California during the dustbowl days. Some families have rebounded back.

By visting "Dorothy's Ancestors" or "Leslie's ancestors," you will find a table with buttons for each parent and each of their parents and so on as far back as the records go. Click on any button and you will visit a story with all the known facts about that person. The oldest ancestor of Les Reddell known to date is John Reddell, born in the colony of Maryland in 1730. The oldest ancestor of Dorothy known to date is Henry Ballard, born in 1585 in St. Mary, Southwell, Nottingham, England. 

The other buttons above will take you to family stories and photos of the named individual. The most recent family story to come in is the Alvis Eli Coble story. Al was the son of my mother's mother's sister. His daughter, Sherry, sent family photos and a tape made by Al. 

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