Comodore Howard & Sarah Catherine Pace

Leslie's grandparents

by Dan Reddell

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Commadore-plowing.jpg (56070 bytes)  Comodore & Sarah Catherine scratched a living out of the land, like so many pioneer families. One of the only family stories to survive is about Comodore. His grand- daughter, Novella, mentioned that Comodore's mother was betrothed to wed, but just before the wedding, her sweetheart was killed. His mother discovered she was pregnant, and, upon Comodore's birth, gave him the family name of Howard. Comodore was born January 6, 1866 and died July 5, 1925 in an auto accident. Catherine Pace was born May 23, 1868. They married in 1888.

Commadorcutwood.jpg (93157 bytes) Com,Mag,Roy,Kath,Alta,Clara.jpg (49228 bytes) Katherine,Commadore,2girls,.jpg (57149 bytes)

Top photo: Comodore plowing. This line of photos: 1. Comodore clearing his farm land. 2, Comodore, daughter Maggie, son Roy, Catherine, and daughters Alta Lee and Clara. 3. Catherine, Comodore, and two daughters on farm.

mom'smom&sis.jpg (54848 bytes) familyinfield.jpg (65899 bytes) Kathrinewash.jpg (52891 bytes)

1. Catherine surrounded by daughters. 2. Comodore (left) and family in field. 3. Catherine hanging out the wash.

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