Anna Novella Howard

Leslie's mother

by Dan Reddell

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   Com,Mag,Roy,Kath,Alta,Clara.jpg (49228 bytes)  Novella was born March 25, 1892 in Dennison, Texas, to Comodore and Catherine Howard. She died October 25, 1975 at her daughter's home in Buena Park, California and is buried in Westminister Cemetary in Westminister, CA. 

Little is known about her youth. She had four sisters, Maggie, Ida, Alta Lee, Clara, and four brothers, Roy, Elmer, John, and Alvin. The family farmed and were living near Atoka, Oklahoma when Novella met William Harve Reddell. 

Tragedy struck the family twice. Maggie, standing next to Comodore in the above photo, died during an operation. Comodore was killed in an auto accident in 1914. His son-on-law was driving and was never forgiven by many members of the family.

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Mom'sparents.jpg (60819 bytes) familyinfield.jpg (65899 bytes) Katherine,Commadore,2girls,.jpg (57149 bytes)

1. Novella's parents, Catherine Pace and Comadore Howard. 2. The Howard family at work. 3. Catherine, Comadore, and Maggie at their farm, probably in OK, near Atoka.

Kathrinewash.jpg (52891 bytes) MomsbroJohn.jpg (50420 bytes) Elmer.jpg (36729 bytes)

1. Catherine hanging out the wash. 2. Novella's brother, John. 3. Novella's brother Elmer.

Sisters-Clara-&-Alta-Lea.jpg (55119 bytes) Uncle-Alvin.jpg (52078 bytes) Howards-at-mother's-funeral.jpg (50994 bytes)

1.Novella's sisters, Clara & Alta Lee. 2. Alvin, the outcast brother. 3. The Howard family at Catherine's funeral.

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