Ann Cottingame

Dorothy's great-grandmother

by Dan Reddell

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Ann COTTINGAME, Lawrence Co., AL, married Pleasant James September 26 1826. She gave birth to 17 children and died during the Civil War.

1827-CHILD, Charles C., AL, 27 Nov 1827.
1829-CHILD, Laban, AL, ca 1829.
1830 Census, Lawerence Co., AL, p 287.[2 kids/20001\0001].
1831-CHILD, Jane, AL, ca 1831.
1833-CHILD, Rebecca, AL, ca 1833.
1835-CHILD, Elizabeth, AL, ca 1835.
1837-CHILD, Nancy, AL, ca 1837.
1838-CHILD, male twin, AL, ca 1838.
1838-CHILD, male twin, AL, ca 1838.
1840 Tax List, Walker Co., AL.
1840 Census, Walker Co., AL.,# 288.[ 9 kids/302001\22001].
1840-CHILD, Jessey, AL, ca 1840.
1843-CHILD, Hezekiah, AL, ca 1843.
1844-CHILD, Jonathan, AL, ca 1844.
1846-CHILD, William, AL, ca 1846.
1849-CHILD, Martha, AL, ca 1849.

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