Dorothy Mae James

Photos and Dorothy's story

by Dan Reddell

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Dot&Herman-Self.jpg (75781 bytes) Dot,2nd-grade.jpg (52507 bytes) Ida,dorothy-infantHenry.jpg (59153 bytes)

1. Dorothy & cousin Herman Self in Childress TX. 2. Dorothy (near back) in second grade in TX. 3. Ida holding Dorothy. Ida's brother Henry Swann, and sisters Lorene, Ruby  & Rosie.

Mom1929.jpg (60776 bytes) MomLoreneCottonbest.jpg (68934 bytes) James,-Conaways-picking-cot.jpg (67858 bytes)

1. Dorothy in 1929. 2. Dorothy, Ruby, Lorene and Uncle Henry.  3. The James and Conaway families picking cotton on the Culbertson's farm in Childress TX. Large woman on left is Mrs. Culbertson, owner of property, and the property the James family share-cropped.

ida,dot,owner,rosie,unclehe.jpg (78295 bytes) Gallians&James,murderer,col.jpg (105745 bytes) Rudine-on-bridge-in-Oregon.jpg (69684 bytes)

1. Ida--holding Esta, Owner, Lorene, Uncle Henry & Ruby picking cotton. 2. Finally reached Oregon. Couple in back on left, Rudine and Jim Gallian gave them the ride. Dorothy to right of Jim. Ida--middle left. Conaway's aunt who just got out of prison for murdering her seven step children. Lea and Esta in front. 3. Rudine--a wonderful woman who helped the James family get to Oregon. She and husband Jim sold their Chevy Roadster and bought a Chevy pickup so they could bring the James family with them. The girls rode in the back for the whole trip. Refer to Dorothy's Story.

DotRailing.jpg (51390 bytes) Rudine.jpg (39240 bytes) Dotkids.jpg (68564 bytes)

1. Dorothy on bridge over the Willamette River near Eugene, Oregon just after arrival from Texas. They lived under a canvas cover until moving on after a young mother in a nearby campsite drowned trying to save her children.

Dotcuttingtree.jpg (80960 bytes) DotHelentrees.jpg (60821 bytes) DotDonCooper.jpg (72146 bytes)

1. After moving to Sacramento, CA from Eugene, OR, life became fun for Dorothy. Here she is in these three photos on the river between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe where her father took a job building a cabin. 2. Dorothy with best friend (left) Helen Cooper and her soon to be husband, Don. 3. Dorothy and Don putting on a show for Helen.

Dotlog.jpg (62561 bytes) Miley-James-&-friend.jpg (58861 bytes) DotHelenCourt.jpg (49187 bytes)

1. Dorothy near Lake Tahoe. 2. Dorothy's lifelong friend, Madge Conaway (right) hugging a friend. 3. Helen Cooper and Dorothy play tennis.

DotHelenDresses.jpg (71694 bytes) DotHelenTennis2.jpg (62723 bytes) Dot-&-Marvin-Boots.jpg (46936 bytes)

1. Helen and Dorothy in new matching outfits at the State Fair. 2.Helen and Dorothy. 3. Marvin Boots and Dorothy. Marvin's brother was "sweet" on Dorothy but was killed in a car accident before much of a romance could bloom (unlucky him, lucky me!)

DotBear.jpg (51066 bytes) Dot18Helen17yrs.jpg (48472 bytes) JB,Dot,guitar2.jpg (68080 bytes)

1. Dorothy at the State Fair. 2. Helen and Dorothy. 3. Dorothy and her father, J.B. The car belonged to Gilbert and Lea Etta Nixon. Lea Etta's brother, Les Reddell, had fallen madly in love with Dorothy after being introduced to her by Les's best friend, Joe Dunn. Joe's father, Leo, was a brother to J.B. James' first wife, Margie Dunn. J.B. and Leo taught music schools together in panhandle towns of Texas. After Margie died giving birth to her seventh child, Leo and wife Lena moved to Amherst Texas and became neighbors of the William Harve Reddell family. Joe followed Les when he moved to Bakersfield, CA and suggested they go to Sacramento to visit "Uncle Jim."  The occasion of this photo was the second visit of Les to see Dorothy. He came with his sister, Lea Etta, to introduce her to his new love. The hat, boots, and guitar belonged to Les. J.B. jumped up on the hood at the last second.

 dorothy,-esta-lee-at-fair-i.jpg (87437 bytes)

Dorothy & Esta Lee James

Dorothy's Story

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