Jonathan James & Sarah Ann Self

Dorothy's grandparents

by Dan Reddell

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  JBMomBroFambestjpeg.jpg (64174 bytes)  Henry-M,-Johnathon,Bea,Ben,.jpg (64520 bytes)  Jonathan James & Sarah Ann Self were married sometime before 1871. Jonathan was born March 19,1846 in Alabama and died in 1928 in the home of his son William D. (Uncle B) in Newlin Texas. He is buried in the cemetery there, right off of Highway 287. Sarah was born July 24, 1847 and died in 1930. She is buried in the Paoli Cemetery in Pauls Valley Oklahoma. They had nine children: William D. (Uncle B)--August 12, 1871, John W.--January 15, 1872, Henry M.--August 16, 1874 to October 13, 1967. Benjamin A.--Sept. 7, 1875 to Sept., 1955, James Bowman--January 14, 1876 to August 26, 1956, Margaret E.--Feb. 17, 1878, Green--1879, Delmetee M.--October 7, 1884, and Emma E.-- October 14, 1888.


JBsisEmma14.jpg (141834 bytes) Bea&GranmaJames.jpg (41155 bytes) JB1918.jpg (73889 bytes)

Photos at top: 1, Sarah James (Self) with the family of her son, Ben James. 2, Jonathan James surrounded by sons. Photos this line: 1, Daughter Emma. 2, Sarah with son William D. (Uncle B.) 3. Sarah Self's brother William was the father of Walter Self.  Walter married Mary. Their child was Herman, who is in some childhood photos with Dorothy (see her page). This photo is of Sarah's son, James Bowman James and Walter Self. It was taken in 1918.

jonathan-pickup-truck.jpg (70097 bytes)  sarah-&-child.jpg (98521 bytes)

1. Jonathan James, left, next to son Benjamin Asberry James. Driver is unknown. Waving hat is Ben's son Elmer J. James. 2. Sarah holding Valton James. Lady behind Sarah is Lucy Terrell holding unknown child--1929. Photos courtesy of Jack James. 

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