Leatrice Joy James

Dorothy's sister

by Dan Reddell

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BabyLea.jpg (43940 bytes)  Lea's-portrait.jpg (31240 bytes)  Leatrice (Lea) was the last child born to James Bowman and Ida Pearl James. She was named after her father's favorite movie star. Born April 21, 1926 in Garden Valley (Childress) Texas, she made the same trek west with her family during the dustbowl days as described in Dorothy James' Story. She has vivid memories of much of the trip. After arriving in Sacramento, Lea married Lee Roy Delbert Connolly September 11, 1942 at age 16. They had five children, Judy, Kendra, Candy, Philip, and Roger before the marriage ended. On August 20, 1963, she married William C. Eastin. They have one son, Bill. 

Lea&BillieJeanJames.jpg (72178 bytes)  Lea&Gene.jpg (51623 bytes)  Lea&baby.jpg (69831 bytes)

Top photos: Infant Lea, Teenager Lea. Photos this line: 1. Lea with cousin Billie Jean James. 2. Lea holding sister Dorothy's first born child, Gene. 3. Lea with sister Esta and children

Ida&kids.jpg (69571 bytes)  kids.jpg (53839 bytes)

1. Ida Pearl, Judy, Lea, Roger, Philip, Candy, Kendra, and cousin Sheril Reddell. 2. Roger, Kendra, Sheril, Candy, Philip.

girls.jpg (47983 bytes)  Lea&Judy.jpg (67771 bytes)

1. Judy, Kendra, Candy. 2. Lea and Judy

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