My Story, page 4

by Dorothy (James) Reddell

Dad's brothers who grew up, married, and raised families were Bea, Ben, and Henry. His sisters--I just can't remember the oldest one's name. I never met her. The youngest, who was also the youngest of the family, was Emma. Dad was next to the youngest. Uncle Bea was the oldest. I never saw or knew his family, except one son I met once. 

Uncle Henry was a Methodist minister. His first wife died after having six children. His second wife was a school teacher. She had five children. This family came to see us once when I was a child. That was the only time I ever saw them when I was a child. 

In 1957, I visited Uncle Henry and Aunt 0lie. They lived in Norman, Oklahoma. He was 83 and retired but still driving his own car and still doing some singing and preaching. We visited them again in 1964. He was almost 90. He had slowed down a lot and couldn't see very well, but still had his outgoing personality. We met his youngest son and his wife. 

We also met one of their daughters when we went on to Washington, D. C. Her husband was an administrative aide to a senator. He was from New Mexico and had been governor. I saw Aunt Emma and her family twice while I was growing up. Her husband was Jesse Terrell. She married him when she was 14. They had several children. I saw her again in 1957. 

Dad's oldest sister died in a mental hospital. Dad said her husband caused her to lose her mind. He was cruel to her and the children. Uncle Ben and his family were the relatives I grew up with. When my family moved back to Texas from New Mexico, we went to Uncle Ben's. I was three and arriving there was my first memory. It seemed like there were children everywhere. Best of all, they had a girl my age who became my best friend while we were growing up.

 Uncle Ben and Aunt Annie had 11 children. Two died in infancy and six boys and three girls survived to adulthood. Their names are Mentie, born in 1900, Holly (male), Elmer, Cecil, Elbert, Kelcy, Miley, and Mildred, and Elonzo, who was partially paralyzed on one side and retarded. 

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