Pleasant James

Dorothy's great-grandfather

by Dan Reddell

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In the book "Mills County (Texas) memories" published in 1994, a person submitted the following about Pleasant. First wife Annie married in app. 1827. Had 17 children born between 1828 and 1849 in AL. Joined 8th inf, Co. K from Tenn. during Civil War. Went to war with Louis M. Cason. Neither man returned home to wife. BUT Pleasant married Cason's wife Adaline! She had three children by Cason, then she had four children with Pleasant. Their daughter Sarah married my husband's ggf. Pleasant is buried at the Murphree Cemetary in Evant, Hamilton Co. and Adaline is buried in Regency Cem in Mills County Tx.

Descendants of Pleasant James say they were told he said he was related to Jesse James. The historical record shows that Jesse James visited Pleasant James in two different states. There is no known record proving the relationship and the Jesse James descendants have refused to allow a DNA test to clear it up.

Pleasant JAMES: (1809-1893).
Parents-Laban JAMES & Rebecca NC BRIDE.
1809-BIRTH, Lawrence Co., TN, 18 Jan 1809.
1810 Census?
1820 Census, Limestone Co., AL.[With parents].
1826-MARRIAGE-Ann COTTINGAME, Lawrence Co., AL, MR,P-20, 26 Sep 1826. 1827-CHILD, Charles C., AL, 27 Nov 1827.
1829-CHILD, Laban, AL, ca 1829.
1830 Census, Lawerence Co., AL, p 287.[2 kids/20001\0001].
1831-CHILD, Jane, AL, ca 1831.
1833-CHILD, Rebecca, AL, ca 1833.
1835-CHILD, Elizabeth, AL, ca 1835.
1837-CHILD, Nancy, AL, ca 1837.
1838-CHILD, male twin, AL, ca 1838.
1838-CHILD, male twin, AL, ca 1838.
1840 Tax List, Walker Co., AL.
1840 Census, Walker Co., AL.,# 288.[ 9 kids/302001\22001].
1840-CHILD, Jessey, AL, ca 1840.
1843-CHILD, Hezekiah, AL, ca 1843.
1844-CHILD, Jonathan, AL, ca 1844.
1846-CHILD, William, AL, ca 1846.
1849-CHILD, Martha, AL, ca 1849.
1849,30 Mar, Lawerence Co.?, AL, Land Grant of 40 acres.
1850 Census, Hancock, Co., AL., # 190.[Occupation- Miller;10 kids].
1860 Census, Morgan Co., AL.?
1865-MARRIAGE-Elizabeth Jane Pace CASON, ca 1865.
1866-CHILD-Sarah Emaline, TN, 28 Mar 1866.
1867-CHILD, Louisa Angeline, TN, 28 Dec 1867.
1868,10 Jan, Limestone Co.,AL,B-2,P-570;PJ loan to H.F. Cartwright for $68.00. *1869-CHILD, Josiah George Washington, Lawerance Co., TN, 16 Nov 1869.
1870 Census, Lawrence Co., TN, P-4, # 97.[Kids:4 James, 2 Cason]. 1877-CHILD-Lucinda Matilda, Lawerance Co., TN, 29 Apr 1877.
1880 Census, Eastland Co.,TX, V-10, ED 173, S-37, L-12.[Kids:4 James,1Cason]. 1893-DEATH, Hamilton Co., TX, 18 Apr 1893.

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