Daniel Lynn Reddell

By Dan Reddell

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Daniel Lynn Reddell was born August 4, 1947 in Los Angeles, CA. He married Jo Ann Warner May 16, 1975. Jo Ann Warner was born June 3, 1946 to John and Winnie Warner. They raised the following child:

1. Mathew Robert Reddell, who was born June 10, 1969, in San Luis Obispo, CA, the son of Jo Ann Self and Leland Self. Adopted by Daniel Reddell in 1977. Mathew married Barbara La Marre in Nashville Tenn. in 1994. Barbara was born ________, and is the daughter of Tad and Donna La Marre. They had the following children:

      1. Mathew Sheridan Reddell, born September 17, 1999 in Fort Knox, KY.

      2. Brendan Reddell, born _________, in Fort Knox, KY.

Mathew and Barbara divorced and Mathew married Victoria Elizabeth McDermott in 2000. Victoria was born ______________, and is the daughter of _____________. They had the following child:

      1. Arrabella Reddell, born _________.

Daniel Lynn Reddell and Jo Ann are divorced.

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