John D. Reddell 1772-1852

Leslie's ggg-grandfather

From Josephine Lindsay Bass and Becky Bonner. 2000 

"John D. was born in Maryland in 1772/3. He is shown in the household of John and Eleanor REDDELL in Harford Co., MD in the 1776 state census as being three years old. 

It is the belief of the editor that he moved with his parents to what is now Surry Co., NC in 1785/6. A John RIDDLE with the right family makeup is shown in the Surry Co., NC state census for 1784-7. It is also believed that John D.' s father bought land in Surry Co., North Carolina on Dec 1, 1786. 

According to family tradition, John D. was married at least three and possibly as many as five times and had twenty or more children. Extensive searching by many researchers have not found any records of these marriages in any of the states where he was known to have lived or states adjacent to these. 

John D. cannot be positively identified on any North Carolina census rolls in 1800. However, at least three of his children must have been born there for they give NC as their place of birth on later census records. He does appear in tax records for several years between the years 1804 until 1814 as owning between 350 and 400 acres of land. 

Aquilla also is shown on these tax records. In a different township in Rowan County during some of these years a John RIDDLE and his father, Stephen, who came to NC very early are shown on tax records. 

John D. is shown in Rowan Co., NC in the 1810 census . It is believed that he was also one of the John RIDDLE 'S who bought land in Rowan Co. in the early to mid 1810's. Sometime after 1814 and before 1818 he moved to Illinois, where he was granted 160 acres of land in Union County. There is a good possibility 


that he may have spent a brief time in Giles Co., TN before going to Illinois.

 Sometime prior to 20 Nov 1823, when he is shown serving on a jury there, John D. moved to Giles Co., TN where he had purchased land. He served as constable in the same county and purchased additional land there in 1824. 

This land was located on Dry Creek, a tributary of the larger Richland Creek and adjoined land owned by William REDDELL, his son. He remained in this county until he moved to Lawrence Co., TN before 1830. 

He appears on the census records in Union Co., IL in 1820 and in Lawrence Co., TN in 1830. He purchased land on Shoal Creek in both Lawrence and Wayne Co., TN. William, Thomas, John G., David and Henry all owned land in that area at some time. 

The last record of John D. is in the 1850 Lawrence Co., TN census. He is believed to have died there, but could have moved to Arkansas, as his wife and sons, Richard and George, are shown on census record s there in 1860." 

Jim Dark of Arlington, Texas2/8/98 writes: I had done some research into the Reddell's at the Dallas Public Library, mainly to locate Civil War service. 

I found a unit history, I believe it was of the 14th Arkansas Infantry, that listed several of the Reddell's, I recall that Aquilla and Vincent Robertson were two of them. 

These men enlisted for one year, and then left even though their enlistments were involuntarily extended.

 Since the unit didn't agree with them on this, they were listed as deserters. I don't know if they then enlisted in another unit, which was very common. [S105] [S767]

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