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 From Josephine Lindsay Bass and Becky Bonner. 2000

JOHN REDDELL OF MARYLAND AND POINTS WEST For many years it was thought that John D. REDDELL, once believed to have been born in Maryland in 1768, was the first of our line which could be positively identified. 

However, we now believe that John D. was the son of John and Eleanor REDDELL, who are shown in the 1776 state census in Maryland. They are shown with two daughters, Mary 12, and Sarah 8, and two sons, John 3 and Robert 7 months. John is 46 and Eleanor is 33. 

Although the age shown for their son John shows him to be born in 1772/3 there are several reasonable arguments to be made as to the age of John D. First, the reason most often given for believing John D. was born in 1768 is the age given in the 1850 census in Lawrence Co., TN. 

Those who are familiar with research know how unreliable census information can sometimes be, since census takers were not particular as to who gave them the information.

 Second, the same argument could be set forth for the age in the 1776 census, since there is a child in the household born in 1768, these ages could have been confused. 

Third, John D. could have married early without his parents consent and had to give an older age which he continued to use. Personally this is what we believe must have happened. Unfortunately we have never found any of his marriage records, or perhaps this theory could either be proven or invalidated .

 Another reason for believing that John and Eleanor were John D.' s parents is that after selling their land in Harford Co., MD in 1785 (they both signed the deed REDDELL, even though it was spelled RIDDLE in the body of the deed) they took a land grant in Surry Co., NC on 1 Dec. 1786.

 Their oldest daughter Mary, who married James Gordon in Harford Co., MD 30 Apr 1783, and the son Robert, who married Mary Hyatt in Stokes Co., NC in 1799 were living in NC in the 1790 census. 

At least three of John D.'s older children indicate they were born in NC on later census records. Thus, he must have also been in NC during the 1790-1810 period. He is shown in the 1810 Rowan Co., NC census. 

It is for these reasons we believe that


John and Eleanor were the first of our REDDELL (RIDDELL, RIDDLE, RUDDELL, RUDDLE) line . We will treat him as such in this work until proven wrong . 

John, whose parents have not been positively identified, was born in 1730, probably in Maryland. He married Eleanor Daugherty on 23 Apr 1760, St. George Parish, Harford Co., MD. 

It is the Editors' belief that John had been married previously, and had at least one son, Aquilla, and probably another Randolph, by this marriage . However, since there is no clear documentation of this at this time, they will not be shown as such in this work. 

On 26 Sep 1768 John and Eleanor received a land grant for 10 acres of land known as RIDDLE'S RIDDLE in Harford Co., MD. Later on 9 Feb 1771, they received another grant of 137 acres known as RIDDLE's CHANCE. It is not known for certain whether this is the land that was later sold as Thomas and Mary's Repose or if they sold these grants and bought the latter at a later date. 

It is known that they sold the land as mentioned earlier and it is believed they obtained land in Surry Co., NC in 1786, and are shown in the U. S. census in Stokes Co., NC in 1790 with two sons 16 years of age and under and three females in the household.

 On 27 Aug 1805 John sells to his son-in-law, James Gordon a tract of land in Rowan County, NC. Much of the description of the land is hard to read and the number of acres could not be determined. 

Again, while the body of the deed shows "John Riddle" the signature is John REDDELL. It is not known for certain where John acquired this land. 

There are several instances of John Riddle buying land in Rowan, Stokes and Surry Counties in NC, but since there was another John RIDDLE, whose father, Stephen RIDDLE came to Rowan County very early from Frederick Co., MD, and since the buyer did not sign the deeds, there is no way to be sure that "our" John was the one buying the land. 

We believe in some cases it must have been. No will or probate of any property by this John REDDELL is found in any of these counties so it is not known when or where he may have died.

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