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As Told to Dan Reddell

saw Niagara Falls before we went to the Fair. In New York, we took our first subway ride, and a ferry ride around Long Island, seeing the skyscrapers and the Empire State Building. That trip was quite an experience, and probably the best trip of my life. 

As soon as Dan graduated from Coast Union High School in Cambria, I finished a beautiful 2,200 square foot home on the beachfront in Morro Bay. We moved into it in 1966 while Dan attended Cuesta Junior College. 

After graduating from Cuesta, he attended Cal Poly university in San Luis Obispo, graduating in 1970. Dan then attended graduate school at the University of California at Santa Barbara. 

 One thing I enjoyed while living in this house was to join the Estero Bay Kiwanis Club, which I belonged to for eight years. I quit when we got a president that wasn't any good. 

We lived on the beach until 1979 when I sold the house to Dale, taking in trade a house he had built in Atascadero and some cash. He remodeled it and moved his family into it, and they resided there for several years before moving to the hillside house where he and Billie currently reside. 

I built my last house for speculation in 1972 on Hemlock Street in Morro Bay before retiring, selling it for $27,000. I bought a new Winnabago motor home with the profit. 

 After we moved to Atascadero, we enjoyed going on camping trips with the Atascadero Camper and Trailer Club, and Dorothy joined the Atascadero Art Club. 

In 1990, I discovered I had cancer of the prostate gland and that it had gone into the bone. After treatment at the Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, the cancer went into remission, and I have been doing pretty good. 

As I look back over my life, I can tell you that I took care of my family and myself by being very careful with my money. I didn't blow it in. I liked to have everything paid for, and I stayed out of debt. I made sure my homes and cars were paid for. I thought about the future, when I would be old, and the main thing for me was to have enough money to survive without any 

problems. And that I have done.

 I never used tobacco, drank alcohol, and the only gambling I did was to get out of bed in the morning. My attitude towards money and the need to be careful with it led people to think that I wasn't a generous person, and maybe I wasn't generous with handing out money, but I was always happy to help my kids by loaning them money. 

I wanted to teach them to use money to make more money, not just to waste it on playing. It was a lesson they all seemed to have learned well. 

I was happy until I got the disease I ended up with. My family and my wife, kids, grandkids, great grandkids are what keep me going. The best thing that ever happened to me was getting married, for without that, none of the other things would have happened. 

So many things have been developed in my lifetime that nothing like that will happen again in history--automobiles, space travel, television, telephone, computers, and medicine advances. 

The world has changed so much in the last hundred years that I don't see how it can change a tenth as much in the next hundred. Although, who knows, man might be living in space by then, manufacturing things up there. I don't think things will be very good 2,000 years from now. Huge asteroids might hit the earth and throw it out of balance, and we've always had wars and rumors of wars. 

I like most people, and I believe that if you treat people like you want them to treat you, you'll have a pretty happy life, and it seems like to me that I've tried to be that way in my life. 

I always tried to be fair with people, and honest. My word was as good as gold, and I did most of my business on a handshake. I liked to help my children, loaning them money to help their businesses, if they wanted it, just as my parents loaned me money. 

I've always said that I planned to live to be a hundred years old and then get shot by a jealous husband. I don't care where I'm buried after I'm dead. Once you're dead, you're dead.





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