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As Told to Dan Reddell

The Passing of Leslie W. Reddell


Just after noon, Wednesday, December 2, 1992, Mom took Dad to the doctor and they decided to put him in the hospital. When she returned to the car, Dad was asleep and she could not wake him up.

 She drove him to the hospital in Templeton, "Faster than I ever drove in my life!" At the hospital, Dad's heart stopped from a lack of oxygen, but the doctor immediately brought him back by hitting his chest twice, and giving him oxygen. 

It was determined from x-rays taken the day before that Dad did not have pneumonia as the doctors originally thought, but that he was suffering from cancer in the lungs, and probably the stomach, although this was disputed later by his Doctor at the Sansum Clinic. 

Soon, most of his immediate family was able to gather at his bedside where he lay in a state of semi- consciousness. At times he was able to acknowledge our presence, but as those times became less frequent, we were sorry that his oldest son, Gene, was delayed by traffic from reaching the hospital from his home in Visalia. 

Thanks to cellular phones, the entire family was able to communicate, and a family decision was made to honor Dad's wishes and not allow any life support measures to be taken, other than giving him oxygen and doing whatever it took to keep him comfortable. 

Shortly after Gene arrived, a nurse swabbed Dad's mouth with Listerine, and he woke up. We surrounded his bed as Mom leaned over and told him she loved him. With great effort, Dad raised his head and said, "I love you, Dorothy." Gene was on the other side of Dad and he leaned close and told Dad he loved him, and Dad looked right at him and said, "I love you, Gene." Dad then lay back and acknowledged the rest of us with his eyes. We all told him how much he meant to us, and how much we loved him. Then he slipped back into a state of semi-consciousness.

 We will always be thankful for that moment. 

A family decision was made to cremate Dad and inurn him near Ricky's grave in Cayucos following the memorial service we held for him at the Atascadero Bible Church in Atascadero. The outpouring of sympathy and love for Dad probably would have astonished him. 

* * *




The Year Of Leslie Reddell's Birth 



At the beginning of 1912, the President of the United States of America was William Howard Taft, a Republican who had been elected in 1908, and he was running against former President Theodore Roosevelt, who had formed the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party, and Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat's candidate. On November 5, 1912, even though Roosevelt promised to give women the vote, Woodrow Wilson won by a landslide after promising to break up big business to restore competition. 

On January 6, 1912, New Mexico was admitted to the Union, and on February 14, Arizona was admitted, and became the 48th state. On April 14 to the 15, the new, unsinkable British luxury liner, The Titanic, struck an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland on its maiden voyage and sank, killing about 1,500 persons, many of them notable U.S. and British citizens. It was found that there weren't enough lifeboats on the ship. 

On May 5 to July 22, the U.S.A. won 23 gold medals in the Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. 

On June 5, U.S. Marines were sent to Cuba to protect American interests. On June 19, a new labor law was passed by Congress extending the eight-hour workday to all workers under Federal contract. 

On August 2, the U.S. Open Golf tournament was won by John J. McDermott. October 8 to 16, the ninth annual baseball World Series was won by the Boston Red Sox, American League, who beat the New York Giants, National League, four games to three. 

On October 14, former President Theodore Roosevelt was shot at point blank range on his campaign tour. The bullet penetrated a bulky manuscript before entering his chest, and he insisted on delivering his speech before going to the hospital. 

On December 13, Leslie Woodrow Reddell was born on a small, rented farm in the dry farming community of Atoka, Oklahoma, to William Harve Reddell and his wife, Anna Novella Howard Reddell.






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