Samuel Jefferson & Margaret A. Sullivant 

Leslie's great-grandparents

From William D. Reddell

SAMUEL JEFFERSON REDDELL Samuel J. was born 13 Jul 1818 in Union Co., IL. He moved with his father and family to Giles Co., TN in the mid 18201s and then to Lawrence Co., TN prior to 1829. He married Margaret A. SULLIVANT 6 Jan 1842 at West Point, TN. He was a farmer and stockman. 

He moved to Leake Co., MS in 1855. He died at Canton, MS on 23 Apr 1863, either in battle, or from wounds received in battle during the Civil War. 

After the war ended, his widow and unmarried children moved to Freestone Co., TX where she died 1 Jul 1880. Samuel and Margaret had ten children. Two of these died in infancy. 

John Thomas was born 17 Mar 1843 in West Point, TN. He married Martha A. CARLOCK 8 Oct 1864 in Franklin Co., MS. He probably married a Margaret (unknown) also. He lived in Franklin and Madison Counties in MS. He had eight children. 

James Henry was born 23 Oct 1845 at West Point, TN. He married Susan A. LONG in Attala Co., MS. They had two children. Just before the birth of his second son, he took his son, James Anderson, and moved to Polk Co., AR. He never returned to his wife. -He later married Frances WILCOX in Scott Co., AR. They had three children. After her death, he married Mollie EMBRY and had four by her before their divorce about 1892. He then married Caroline 0. HEATHCOCK in Choctaw Lands, OK. They had five children. James _Henry died in OK 22 Dec 1903.

 Nancy Ann was born 17 Feb 1847 at West Point,  


TN. She married Russell BLAKLEY ca. 1868 in Freestone Co., TX. They had four children. After his death, she married E. S. BATY 24 Jan 1884 at Freestone Co., TX. They had one child. She died 16 Mar 1923 at Cooledge, TX. 

Martha E. was born 19 Feb 1849 at West Point, TN. She married Newton EUBANKS in Freestone Co., TX. He died before the birth of their second child in Jan 1870. She died from tuberculosis 2 Aug 1871. It is not known who raised the two young children. S. Josephine was born 4 sep 1851 at West Point, TN. She lived in Madison Co., MS for a time before moving to Freestone Co., TX, where she married William BLAKELY. They had three children.

 Margaret E. was born 10 Feb 1854 at West Point, TN. She also lived in Madison Co., MS before moving to Freestone Co., TX. She married W. P. GUINN there on 24 Oct 1874. They had no children. M. Tennessee was born 9 Oct 1859 in Madison Co., MS. She moved to Freestone Co., TX, where she married F. J. MATTHEWS. It is said they had seven children, but no names are available . 

Martin Jefferson was born 1 Aug 1861 in Madison Co., MS. He moved with the family to Freestone Co., TX, but soon moved to Louisiana where he acquired a great deal of land, mules, horses, cattle and sheep. He also owned a store in Vidrine and later bought the land where the town of REDDELL, LA now stands. He married Cos Brannen in 1880 and they had 11 children. He died at Reddell, LA on 25 Apr 1925. 252

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