Sheril Ilene Reddell

By Dan Reddell

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Sheril Reddell was born December 11, 1954 in Porterville, CA. She married Edmond Lawrence Viau in Morro Bay, CA, January 22, 1976. Edmond was born in Fresno, CA, March 16, 1950. Edmond is the son of Lawrence Viau and Virginia Barry. Sheril and Edmond had the following children:

1. Jacqulyn Nicole Viau was born in Atascadero, CA, July 23, 1982.

2. Rachel Tiffiny Viau was born in Templeton, CA, February 23, 1986.

3. Amanda Lynn Viau was born in San Luis Obispo, CA, July 27, 1993.

Rachel Viau

National Rated Prep Pole Vaulter

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My sister Sheril and her husband Ed have been blessed with three beautiful daughters who were raised in Cayucos where Rachel became interested in gymnastics. They now reside in Nipomo. Rachel left gymnastics to participate in High School track events  at Arroyo Grande High School. She is currently a Junior. 

She is excelling in the pole vault, and just won the CIF championship for her division. She is ranked in the top ten prep pole vaulters nationally, having jumped 12'6". Colleges across the nation are clamoring for her. Here are some news articles, scholarship letters, and photos for you to enjoy.

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Arroyo Grande, 4/12/01
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Rachel goes 12'

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Page Roberts Makes 11'6"
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Shayla Ballentine makes 12'6"

This page is from the internet posting of  the meet at Mt. Sac, 4/20/01.

Girls Pole Vault

Invitational Pole Vault -
1. Melissa Astete (Birmingham, Van Nuys) 12-08, 2. Jamie Kolar (Poly, Long Beach) 12-08, 3. Shala Ballentine (Morro Bay) 12-04, 4. Laura Chen (Temple City) 12-00, 5. Rachel Viau (Arroyo Grande) 11-08, 6. (Tie) Paige Roberts (Atascadero) & Mandie Powell (Santa Margarita, Rancho SM) 11-08, 8. Michelle Rivera (Birmingham, VN) 11-08, 9. Jenny Lavell (Australia) 11-08, 10. Danielle Navarre (St. Lucy's, Glendora) 11-02, 11. Elizabeth Woepse (Mater Dei, Santa Ana) 10-08, 12. Jennifer Thrasher (Rancho Cucamonga) 10-02.

Rachel Viau

Laura Chen on runway

31 Shayla Ballentine

More About Rachel as it happens.

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