Hartwell Shelton & Caroline I. Snow

Dorothy's great-grandparents

by Dan Reddell

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Hartwell was born in 1821 in Virginia. He was married three times. His first wife was Mary Thorpe of which we know nothing. His second was Caroline I. Snow, born around 1832 in Tennesee. Hartwell and Caroline had two children, V.F. Shelton (8/26/1857) and Martha Ann Shelton, 12/31/1859. Both children were born in the town of Mayfield, county of Graves, State of Kentucky. His third wife's first name was Elizabeth Wilson (thanks to Mary Lou for the info on Elizabeth). She was born June 18, 1830, died February 27, 1884 and was buried in St. Paul's Cemetery in Ellis County, TX. She and Hartwell had the following children: Emma Ella Shelton, born Dec. 24, 1865 in Mayfield, Graves County, KY.  Died Feb. 25, 1922 in Amistad, Union County, NM.  She married William B. Boyett (date unknown).  We know of four children;  William B. Boyett, and Leona Boyett, who married Clint Stark.  Leona lived around Duke, OK.  Lola B. Boyett, Who married Roy Poke, and Martha unknown. Amelia Shelton, born 1867 in Graves County KY--no further info.

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