Alvis Eli Coble's Story

Son of Lula Bell Swann and William Leonidus Coble

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To my understanding, they made these moves in covered wagons. At that time Mom's Dad, our Granddad, and Mom's younger brother, Uncle Henry and Aunt Ida lived with their dad, Granpa Swann, they lived with him, lets see, they lived pretty close to Mom and Dad, the way I understand it. Dad, Granddad, and Mom's younger brother, Uncle Henry, lived with them. That's where Granpa Swann died, so he is buried in Oklahoma.

Dad made his grave marker out of a gypson rock. They were farming at the time, the way I understand it, near the Washita River and I heard them tell about a big flood that came up into their house, did a lot of damage. Mom said she had to wash the mud out of her sewing machine that her dad bought when she was thirteen years old. She moved that machine everywhere they went and made all their clothes on it. I think Harry and Benita wound up with it. They traded it in on a newer machine later.

On June 8, 1911, I was born near McQueen, Oklahoma. So then when I was one year old, they made another covered wagon move back to Texas, about 14 miles from Breckenridge, near a little town called Necessity. They rented a farm called the Yoal's place. Uncle Henry was already on his own then. He stayed in Oklahoma, but Aunt Ida was living with us since Granpa Swann had died there in Oklahoma. She lived with Mom and Dad then until she married. The last year we lived at the Yoal's place I was three years old and can remember things that happened that year--two bad ones and one good one. The good thing was I caught my first fish. Dad left his fishing pole laying up against the tree by the tank. Ivan and Harry climbing mesquite trees gettin skeetim--that's what they called it--they chewed that stuff. Anyhow, so I wandered out to the tank so I just proceeded to take that pole and line and I was swishing it in the old tank, and a big gogoli perch grabbed it. I began to call "Hai", "Hai", I couldn't say their names plainly yet, and they came a running but 'bout time they got there, I got'im out. So, boy, we rushed to the house to show Mom. And she gave us some meat for bait and let us go fishing. She give us our orders before that to stay away from that tank.

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