Alvis Eli Coble's Story

Son of Lula Bell Swann and William Leonidus Coble

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Page Five

He was teaching school for the sulphur company, so that fall, they wrote to Ivan and Ila, and said there was a good job down there. Ivan could get on in the sulphur field. They decided to go on, and we could finish growing their crop, and we did. And then Ivan wrote and said we should come on down there, there's plenty of work. During that year, Harry had met Benita Hamil, so I don't think he much wanted to go off and leave her, but finally he decided he would. Of course, he had plans, you know, to come back.

This was a big move, but instead of a covered wagon move, it was a covered truck and a car move. At that time we had a 1924 Model T. Oh, I forgot to tell you--when we lived on Murph Lowe's place in 1924 we got our first car in the summer. It was a 1921 Model touring car, a Model T, and then that fall, made a good crop and Dad traded it and got the '24 Model. It was just almost brand new, so we still had it at this time and then Dad traded a milk cow for a Model T truck, to make this move to Matagorda. So we loaded the truck and the car, Harry, Dad, and the dog, Ol' Buck, took the truck and Mom and I took the car. This was a December move, and the weather was cold and rainy. Took three days to make the trip. We had lots of trouble with the low gear band. Had to have it realigned twice,--I know, maybe three times. Anyhow, the highways was all gravel, and we had to make several detours, rainy, you know, and bad, the ol' gear band burnt out, we had to turn around a backup some of the hills--that ol' Model T, the reverse would still work, but the low gear band wasn't pullin'. Ivan and Ila had a house rented already in Matagorda, it was six miles from Gulf, the sulphur field. And we all moved in together and it wasn't long till Harry got a job in the sulphur field. Dad and my first job was hauln' oyster shells with our truck. Then in February 1929, Ivan and Ila's first son, ol' Joe, was born, in Matagorda. And they moved back up here in the spring of 1930. Joe was Mom and Dad's first grandson, so, you know, he wasn't spoiled any either.

After working in several different jobs, I wound up working in the bakery and Dad was the custodian at the school. Sure 'nuff, ol' Harry came back up here and married Benita Hamil, and they moved in with us, the same rooms that Ivan and Ila had. They married in August, 1930.

Then late 1930 into '31, the sulphur company began closing down, laying off, so Harry and Benita come back up here and started farmin' again. Then before 1931 was over, the private bank at Matagorda closed and left us broke. I worked on long enough to save up a little money, and Dad had some shares in the electric company he sold, and so we came back up here and bought out Uncle Boss Cope's teams and tools and st5arted farmin' again. During the next year, the little Cobles began to pop up. By the time 1932 was over, Ivan and Ila had three--Joe at Matagorda and James and Peggy since they'd moved back up here. Harry and Benita had Doyle, their oldest son. And before it was all over, there's a string of 'em. Ivan and Ila raised six! Joe, James, Peggy, Wayne, Harold and Trudy. Benita and Harry had five boys: Doyle, Lonnie, Roger, who died in 1978, Billy and John. They all had a nickname I think, except John. Doyle was "Dob," Lonnie was "Teeter," and Roger was "Stick," and Billy was "Tucker."  And I don't think they every nicknamed John, but anyhow, he didn't need one anyhow, don't guess.

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