Alvis Eli Coble's Story

Son of Lula Bell Swann and William Leonidus Coble

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Page Six

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Al and Faye at time of marriage, circa 1937, Al and Faye, Ivan and Ila

I stayed with Mom and Dad. We moved two more times before Dad died in 1934 at age 65. We were livin' in between Mansfield and Venus. Mom and I lived on there until 1937, when I married Faye Griffith, October 11, 1937. I quit farmin' and went to work for Leonard Bros. in Ft. Worth. Mom started keeping house for people. And our son, Larry, was born Feb. 4, 1939, while livin' in Ft. Worth. We moved back to the farm in May of 19??. Mom saved enough money staying with people to buy a lot here in Mansfield and built her a little house in 1951. She lived there 17 years until she died in 1968, and she and Dad are both buried here in Mansfield. Faye and I lived on the farm I rented when we left Ft. Worth, 10 years, and we bought the Matt Ballweg place while living there, in 1944. We built and moved on our place in 1949, and lived there 30 years. Faye died Feb. 21, 1979. And ol' Sue, our oldest daughter, she was born on the other place before we, she was born in 1943. And ol' Sherry, youngest, was born August 11, 1953.

See, we scattered 'em out there pretty good, didn't we?  And after Faye died, I married Winnie Bishop Turner on November 28, 1980. sold the farm after being burned out, bought a home in Mansfield, where we live at this present time. Now, I could tell ya a lotta stuff, but I don't know whether you'd believe it or not. I think the main thing is, I know you kids heard me talk about all this before, but I figured the grandkids and the great-grandkids, they might like to kinda have a little bit of a history of their ancestors later on. They might appreciate that--I don't know, I hope so , anyway.

I don't think I ever did tell you about Ivan. He died in 1973. January 1973, and he's buried here in Mansfield. Ila's still living at this time. And since, I don't know if I told you or not, but since Harry died, he died in February, and Benita died in May, just about a little over three months after Harry died. And so, I just wanted to tell you that cause I think I left it out of my writing.

Somethin' else I wanta tell you about that I left out. You know, I told you about all the other kids, Harry and Ivan's kids, but I left out the most important part, you know, my kids. So, I think I told ya when they's born, but I never did tell you when they married, or who they married or what. But, Larry, our boy, he married Diane Phillilps on March 10, 1961. And they have three wonderful children. Oldest is Max--Larry Max, and then Judy, and then Christopher. They're all grown up now and workin, gone from home and all this, that, and the other, except Chris. Chris is still home. And Larry's in the trophy business, in Ft. Worth. Now Sue, the oldest daughter, she married Ronnie G. Bolding November 28, 1963. She had two children by Ronnie. Kelly Sue, the oldest, then Lann, the boy. Lann, he's grown, Kelly's married. Her first marriage, her name was McClure. She had a little boy named Ryan, by him and now she's married to Clay Tyson, lives in Florida and has a  little boy by him, Drew. They're both in Florida, don't get to see them much. But anyway, they're fine boys, I know. And Lann's working and living by himself in an apartment, so he's away from home. 

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