Alvis Eli Coble's Story

Son of Lula Bell Swann and William Leonidus Coble

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Page Seven

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Faye, Larry, Sue, Al

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Sue and Sherry, 1955

Later on, 'course, Sue's married now to John Davis, a real fine fellow and they're both workin'. Now, John has four children, I don't remember all their names, for sure, now. But, anyway, they're happy together. And then Sherry, I can't be sure when she married--I believe it's in 1978, it's before Faye died. She married Robert Sever--Bobbie Sever. And they live out near Grandview and they have two children, ol' Jason, the boy, he'll be ten in November, and then Jessica, the little girl, she's six and they're doing fine, both workin' in Dallas.

Talking about our family way back there, I never did bring in just how poor we was, but, man, we didn't have nothin' hardly. Just a kid, I remember we was livin' out close to Garner County; went to a picnic one time at Garner. I had a nickel to spend. Well, I fooled around there all day--well, not all day--I went after lunch--afternoon. I had to walk a mile and a half to get there. And I had my nickel--stayed with it all day, ya know, had a ball game, watched that. And I wandered around till right on the last, a man hollered, "all the lemonade you can drink for a nickel!" So, boy, that's right where I spent my nickel.

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