Alvis Eli Coble

Son of Lula Bell Swann and William Leonidus Coble

Thanks to Sherry Coble Sever for her father's story and family photos. I will finish the story and post the photos as I can--Dan Reddell.

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Alvis Eli Coble’s Story

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William Leonidus (Lonnie) Coble, Lula Bell Swann Coble, Ivan Luther, Harry Hilliard, and Alvis Eli. Al was upset because he "didn't want to dress up in that outfit."

Taped interview of Alvis Coble in June, 1989

I've been asked to give a little history of the Coble family, so here goes. I'm Alvis Eli Coble, the only one left in my family of five. Our parents had three boys, Harry and Ivan and Al. I'll tell you all I know about our grandparents. It is what I heard Mom and Dad tell about them. Our granddaddy Coble was named Eli and our grandmother Coble was named Martha. Her maiden name was Cook. They had six boys and two girls. The boys names were Dave, Hop, Gus, Jim, Lonnie and Luther. Lonnie and Luther were twins. Lonnie was my Dad. His full name was William Leonidus. The two girls was named Jenny and Lou Anna. Dad lost track of his brothers except for his twin brother Luther and mainly one sister, Aunt Jenny. She lived in Brownwood. Her last name was McGaul.  

            The Cobles came from North Carolina and Tennessee. I heard Dad talk more about Tennessee than anywhere else. I wasn't fortunate enough to ever see any of my grandparents. My other grandparents on my mother's side, their name was Swann. Her granddad's name was Jesse Hilliard Swann and grandmother's name was Martha Ann Shelton Swann. They had three boys and two girls. The boys' names were Edward Harwell, Henry Stanley and Matthew, he died when he was an infant. The girls were Lula Bell, our mother, and Aunt Ida Pearl Swann.

Uncle Ed Swann was shot and killed by a drunk man. He was a young man,leaving his widow, Donna Evans Swann with two little girls and another on the way. The girl’s names were Lula D., and Donna M., and Willie G. He was born after Uncle Ed died. I don't know anything about them.

Aunt Ida married James Bowman James and they had three girls and one boy who died at one month old. The girls names are Dorothy Mae, Esta Lee, and Leatrice. Dorothy is in California— I don’t know where the others are.

Uncle Henry Swann married Dessie Howell and they had two boys and three girls. The boys are Jesse Henry, lives in Sacramento, CA, and Robert Frank, died, what, about three or four years old. The girls are Hattie Dolores, Mary Lou, Betty Jean. Mary Lou lives in Washington state. She married Rollie Campbell. I don’t know where the others are. 

Now for our Dad and Mom. William Leonidus Coble married Lula Bell Swann in nineteen-hundred and four, Nov. 28th, at Wills Point, Texas, Van Zandt County. His twin brother, Luther, married Fanny J. Sullivan same time. They all went to Louisiana. Dad and Luther both made cross-ties by hand for the railroad. The next move was back to Texas, over near Lillian. They worked on a farm for Mr. Edmondson and that is where their first son was born—Ivan Luther Coble. Ivan's my oldest brother.  He was born June 2, 1906. During that time, Grandmother Swann died at age 48 and is buried at Myrtle Springs in east Texas.

Then I guess before three years were up, they had moved to Oklahoma, near McQueen, where my other brother was born—Harry Hilliard, April 5, 1909.

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