The Fallen Civil War Fathers

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The Civil War had a tremendous impact on many of my ancestors. Families were torn apart when three fathers died fighting for the losing side. Their gravesites are unmarked or unknown and their stories mostly forgotten.

Family stability was in jeopardy for decades following the war. The families of my great-grand parents on my father and mother's side were on the move, traveling by horse and wagon out of the deep south. For four generations, the families moved west from farm to farm until finally reaching California in 1935. Some families have rebounded back to Oklahoma and Kentucky.

We do not know much about most of our cousins who took different paths but hope to learn about them. Their stories are welcome on this site.

Not much is known about my ancestors who served in the Civil War.  While I do not have direct evidence of brother fighting brother, I believe further research will show that members of the same families fought on both sides.

My father's great-grandfather, Samuel Jefferson Reddell died at Canton, Mississippi, on April 23, 1863. Canton was the site of a large Confederate hospital. His 17 year old son, James Henry Reddell, was recently married and his wife was pregnant. His story is not pretty. 

My mother's great-grandfather on her mother's side, Edward K. Swann, died of wounds received in battle at Trenton, Arkansas, on July 14, 1863.

My mother's great-grandfather on her father's side, Pleasant James, went to war with his neighbor, Louis Cason. Louis was killed and Pleasant returned home only to find his wife had died. He married Louis's widow.

I am still researching the father that died of disease.

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